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NYCE To Issue Real-Estate Backed Token, Debut New Investment As IPO In Q1

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This real-estate influencer just closed on nearly $500 million in property deals…

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NYCE completes $1M raise for 'Robinhood Of Real Estate'

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really own real estate for $100? How does it work?

Absolutely. It’s just like owning a share of a company. You will earn the same rate of return as everyone else. 💯

How much money will I make?

In investing there are never any guarantees, but there’s a projected rate of return. Assuming the investment goes well, the more you invest, the more you make. See a HYPOTHETICAL example on this below.

Does NYCE have any money in the projects?

HELL F*&%ING YES. Typically real estate operators bring a minority stake with the rest coming from investors. We put up the vast majority of the capital before bringing on investors. In the event we adopt a more traditional real estate GP/LP model, there’s a minimum return rate that all investors get before the manager gets paid. This is to ensure that incentives align. 🙏

What kind of real estate is it?

Generally, we target residential real estate (multifamily) in kickass markets with 50-500 units. This ensures that 1) there’s always rental demand and 2) the asset will always produce income, even if there are empty apartments.

Can you sell your shares?

With Reg. CF (most of ours), not for 12 months. Publicly traded REITs can be bought and sold on day-to-day basis. NYCE properties generally have an industry standard 4-7 year hold period. Sometimes the hold period is reduced to 36 months. This period is to allow the investment to appreciate, grow and mature before returning capital (+ returns) to investors.

Are you going to have crypto and NFTs?

Yes, but ONLY if there is a clear utility for the NFT that “protects” the money spent. There’s too much junk and scams out there. Our NFTs LIKELY will give access to our TRIBE Academy.

Do you have other stocks on your app?

We have live trading pencilled in for Q3. We want to avoid the “pitfalls” of juno cryptos, sh*tcoins and meme stocks. And just bring the stuff that’s been proven to work over time.


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